The Dactle Solution

Dactle will provide all of the simulation, models, scenarios and data for deployment


Handover - NASA, Missy Cummings, Waymo, Ford, Chris Urmson and a vast array of studies show that a driver needs 3-45 seconds to regain situational awareness after being distracted. That time cannot be provided by any monitoring and notification system in critical scenarios

Testing AI in Complex and Dangerous Scenarios - In order for these systems to learn how to drive in complex and dangerous scenarios they have to be tested in them. This includes running thousands of accident scenarios thousands of times each. The public, governments, the press and others will not tolerate the public to be used as beta-testers under these conditions.That is especially true when children and families are involved.


Time - It is impossible to drive and redrive, stumble and restumble on enough miles or scenarios to develop these systems. RAND's calculations extrapolate to 500 billion miles at 10X better than a human. Toyota says this is one TRILLION miles.  

Cost - A very conservative calculation of cost to drive one trillion miles in 10 years would involve over 250,000 vehicles being driven 24X7. The cost for vehicles, to replace them after they wear out, driver wages, fuel and basic sensors is over $300B.


No Universally Accepted Scenarios - Liability is likely to be assessed by comparing AV Platforms to establish “Best-In-Class” for that situation to determine thresholds of Fault & Liability. Every developer is working Independently (Learn/Validate/Verify). No Independently Developed/Validated Platform can be Best-In-Class across the board. Every platform will have exposure in some Scenarios


Replace 99.9% of Public Shadow and Safety Driving with DoD/aerospace simulation technology, informed and validated by the real-world

(Not gaming architecture or OEM vehicle manufacturing technology as these systems have significant real-time and model fidelity issues that will cause false confidence, Planning issues and real-world tragedies.)

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